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Mix Magazine

This installment of The Bitstream column appeared in the March 2004 issue of Mix Magazine.

The Bitstream

This column is Part One of a multipart glossary of computer terms for content creators…

Pedants In A Big Box 1.1

Last November, I received an e–mail from my editor, Tom Kenny saying “…We have a feature on network storage systems that we’re trying to figger out (so) what we’d like from you, if you agree, is a glossary of common storage and network terms. An IT glossary for the uninitiated pro audio folks. Whammy think? A whole column of pedants in a box.” So began this month’s Bitstream, a bass ackwards version of my usual offering.

Granted, I could never compete with the many excellent IT glossaries out there on the web but, I’ve tried to gather the most common TLAs, techie phrases and geek–speak for your edification. For those who need a bit of a mental housecleaning, this month will either sweep away some cobwebs or increase the BBF by several orders of magnitude!

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OMas almost bit off more than he could chew when he took on this month’s assignment. He couldn’t have completed this installment without the influence of Jean Luc Picard, er…, Patrick Stewart’s “engage”ing spoken word recording of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.