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Mix Magazine

This installment of The Bitstream column appeared in the January 2005 issue of Mix Magazine.

The Bitstream

This column is Part Seven of the Ongoing Saga of Nerdy Nomenclature…

Pedants In A Big Box — Part Seven

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Welly well, my droogs, we’re almost done with this darn Pedants thing so, this new year, I’ll continue to split our time between emerging trends and plain ol’ useful geek intelligence. With a new year comes new responsibilities for OMas as I’ve got a fresh new gig as Director, Brands & Products, for Sonic Studio, LLC. So, in the interest of full disclosure, my day job energies are now directed at promoting my new company. However, in my capacity as snide technopundit and Mix columnist, my always upfront biases will continue to be my own and not the views and opinions of Mix Magazine and their parent, Primedia, Inc. See you next month!