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WWDC 2003

Some notes taken at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference held in San Francisco’s new Moscone West…

Keynote Notes

This time around, I’m coming to you live from the beautiful City By The Bay, Fran Sancisco. The following notes were taken during Steve Jobs’ keynote address.

Mac OS 10.3 Panther

• General: NFS file locking, Free BSD v5.0, dynamic browsing of SMB, IPSec VPN

• Finder: new: “Acton Button” with Labels assign, new Open & Save, very fast searches (kind of like Get Info on steroids)

• iDisk: has a virtual local volume that auto–syncs in the background with remote server volume

• Exposé: slick labeling and auto–focus (full screen) & hiding of all app.s & windows

• FileVault: on–the–fly encryption

• Mail: Safari–based HTML rendering, usable thread-based management, object–based addressing

• FAX: Built in at the print level

• Pixlet: professional HD QT codec @ 48 bit/pixel source data, no artifacts, no interframe compression, supports half HD (960 x540) resolution for less powerful CPUs

• Preview: current fastest PDF renderer, on–the–fly thumbnails, fast searching, distilling built in

• User Switching: instant switching between user accounts w/ nice, 3D transition

• FontBook: semi–Suitcase provides font managment, much better than Jaguar’s non–existent tools

• iChat AV: adds audio (56 kbaud) & video, free .Mac buddy name, very nice image rendering, standards–based though Mac–only at present

• Xcode: new development tools: based on GCC 3.3 for fast compiles, distributed builds, no linking, predictive compiling while editing, “fix & continue” while app is running, new, clean interface, fast search

• Safari: v1 & SDK released today


• Chip: G5 (IBM 970): 64 bit with 32 backward compatibility, up to 2 GHz (3 GHz in 12 months), 1 GHz FSB, supports full SMP support, 2 FPUs, 2 symmetric integer units, “massive” branch prediction, 130 nm process, 59 M transistors

• System: G5 system controller w. point–to–point CPU interface, 400 MHz, 128 bit DDR (64 GB/sec. transfers), AGP 8X Pro graphics, 133 MHz PCI-X w/ HT interconnect, SATA w/ independent HT interfaces

• PowerMac: 500 GB storage, 8 GB memory, 4x SuperDrive, aluminum enclosure, 9 independent fans, 35 dB SPLa, max’d dual 2 GHz model $2999, external 802.11g & Bluetooth antenna connectors, AES-EBU Type II optical
I/O, FireWire-USB-headphone on front

• iSight: camera: 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, autofocus F/2.8, lens shutter, aluminum case, clever mounting included, $149, noise canceling mic

Panther Performance Benchmarks

• SPECtest:
- single CPU: G5 vs 3.06 MHz P4: 10% slower on integer, 20% faster on FP
- dual CPU: G5 vs 3 MHz Xeon: 3% integer, 41% FP

• Photoshop: up to 2.1x over Win version

• Mathmatica: v5: up to 2.3x faster over Win version

• Logic: more than 1000 simultaneous 24 bit stereo voices from their soft synth, 100 8–band stereo EQ @ 25% CPU utilization


OMas left the conference to help out on a restoration job at Different Fur studios in the Mission district. For his meager effort of attending the WWDC, Apple rewarded him and all the other keynote attendees with an example of the new iSight camera.