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A TLD By Any Other Name…

Hallo hoppy reader,

Twenty five years ago, a fellow by the name of Paul V. Mockapetris came up with something called DNS, the Domain Name System, that underlies all those usually simple URLs that we rely on to get around the internet. Before DNS, if you wanted to get to this site, you’d have to enter an IP address, something like  <>, rather than <>. I find it a lot easier to remember a textual URL rather than an IP address. :: Other than a hats off to Dr. Mockapetris , today’s rant is about dynamic DNS, an interesting kludge that you may find useful. Dynamic DNS is used when your internet connection is not assigned a “static” address, an option that cost extra from your ISP. With dynamic DNS, your home DSL or cable modem connection can still be located on the internet even though its actual IP address changes throughout the day. There are several dynamic DNS providers, and many of them are free. :: Why would you want this? Say you have your studio computer, your home computer and a laptop. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to log onto your home or studio computer next time you’re in Bucharest and grab a file you left at home? That’s the beauty of dynamic DNS and, here’s a short list of providers:

DMOZ, the Open Directory has over a dozen listings. :: By the way, we also have Dr. Mockapetris to thank for another innovation. Before coming up with DNS, he designed the first implementation of SMTP, the de facto Simple Mail Transfer Protocol used to move e–mail around the web. :: All for now, have fun!


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