Buzz Kill

Hello happy reader,

The autumnal equinox is fast approaching, that biannual event when day and night are of equal duration. From there, the days shorten and we slip into winter…I wish I were more excited about the upcoming fall but, alas, here in NoCal, fall looks a lot like, nay, is indistinguishable from most of the rest of the year. I’ll have to head East to where fall is Fall!

Anyhoo, this post is a quick and quirky; I present, for your approval, the Mosquito, a “solution to the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings of youths and teenagers in shopping malls, around shops and anywhere else they are causing problems.”

This is according to the manufacturer, Compound Security Systems, developers of “unique security solutions.” Based on age–related hearing loss, the device generates a high frequency sound that is “audible only to teenagers.” Humm, insert your own comments here…

According to the North America importer, almost 1,000 units of the US$1,500 device have been sold in the United States and Canada after the product debuted last year. CNN reported that the product has “roiled civil liberties groups in countries where it’s in use, including England, Australia and Scotland. England’s government-appointed Children’s Commission proposed a ban. That group describes it as a weapon that infringes on the basic rights of young people and claims that it could have unknown long-term health effects.” The town of Great Barrington, in far western Massachusetts, has already banned the device after a movie theater owner installed one.

The manufacturer claims the device is harmless, having been designed to “run at 5 dB-A (5 dB SPL A weighted) above background noise levels. This is done by using an onboard VOX system that measures the ambient noise and adjusts the Mosquito’s sound output level accordingly.”

Well, you know what they say about kids these days…yup, the same things “they” have been saying since the rise of civilization itself! I hope that municipalities find a better way to engage “youths,” rather than resorting to such draconian measures. Fat chance…

Until next time, continue to geek.

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