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Cephalopods Unite

My better half asked me what to do about a plethora of needed wall warts so, while I was on the subject, I thought I’d mention possible solutions to y’all as well…

First off, there’s the 1 foot extension cord approach: cheap, effective and ugly as sin. A quick search of Froogle for “power strip adapter ” yields a 5 pack for less than $10.

Another approach, if you need more bells & whistles, is the ‘power squid,” which has wall mounting slots, a circuit breaker and lighted master switch. This is a ’pod–inspired approach with 5 graded length cords being fed from a central hub, or body if you’re into the squidly thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to plug in at all to recharge? Just a dream but, back in May, MacRumors reported that ”A recently published patent application…reveals that Apple is investigating the use of solar power in versions of their mobile devices — both handheld devices and portable computers. Integrating solar power into a mobile device holds the enormous potential of extending battery life significantly.” The entire face of an iPhone or iPod Touch could become a PV generator so, they could significantly increase run time between charges…My work here is done, TTFN


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