Freak Out!

Hello happy reader,

Tomorrow will see the conclusion to this nerve wracking, patience trying presidential campaign and, to keep from freaking from information overload, I’m posting a brief, light note on the Hirsute One, Frank V. Zappa. Zappa, a card carrying member of the American Melting Pot, was part Sicilian, Greek-Arab and French. He typified our national urge to stand up, stand out and get weird. I was lucky enough to have met him in 1992 when I went to the UMRK to help him with his gear.

Anyway, ol’ Frank doesn’t get much respect because most folks only know his comedy music, not his classical oeuvre of which he was so proud. Back in May of this year, his home town of Baltimore agreed to accept a sculpture of the artist from a group of Lithuanian longhairs who had already raised a monument in Vilnius Lithuania, in front of the Belgian embassy. The bust presented to the city of Baltimore is a replica of the tasteful modern bronze bust in Vilnius.

So far, there’s no word from Baltimore’s Public Art Commission as to who will pay for the piece but, if I ever get to Baltimore, I’ll check in on this. In the meantime, don’t freak out, just get out and vote! Regardless of your political inclinations, a new power structure can’t help but be an improvement to the blatant cronyism, impenetrable opacity and downright abuse of the current administration.

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