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MacWorld SF08 — Pt. 2

Last installment, I went overboard with backup solutions so this time, I’ll start off with, dare I say it?…audio! Yup, this show had more audio stuff, from pearls to swine, than any show I’ve attended. In playback gear alone, there was:

  • the high end – Etymotic and Ultimate Ears
  • the low end – Chinese OEM manufacturers of iPod dockables and in–ear cans
  • and a middle ground of common brands

I was a bit disappointed that Bowers & Wilkins didn’t have their Zeppelin tethered at anyone’s booth. :: So, you say, enough of the audio stuff, get back to the storage! As you wish, farm boy…I spent a good deal of time at the Tandberg Data and BakBone booth. They had a couple of quiet, modular tape library models humming away with all the features a SMB or Small/Medium Business would want. There’s probably no correlation between MTBF and how loud and rough a library runs but somehow, the smoother and quieter the robot runs, the more I trust it not to self–destruct. I remember when Quantum debuted their M-series, I was amazed. So fast yet, virtually silent…Anyway, Tandberg’s little LTO robot whirred along smoothly and silently. :: For plain ol’ storage, there was Ciprico (been using their stuff since 1988) with an interesting PCIe–attached SATA II or SAS RAID, Accusys and Sonnet with traditional eSATA and FC gear, and Nexsan, a pioneer in iSCSI storage. :: All for now, time to start Bresson’s Diary of a Country Priest. ‘Till next time, rock on!


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