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Pod Peopling the Friendly Skies

Hello happy readers,

I just came across some PR regarding United Airlines, claiming to be the “first U.S. carrier to offer iPod & iPhone connectivity.” Though we don’t need to any additional evidence to support the claim that the iPod has changed the way content is created and consumed, I was glad to see my fave carrier (I used to live in Chicago) step up with a low cost answer to in–flight boredom. The setup allows your iPod to feed your seat’s entertainment system while it charges the appliance. Avionics Magazine adds that the “system, which connects via a Panasonic Avionics Corp. 30-pin connector, allows passengers to view content from their iPod on the aircraft’s 15.4-inch seat-back television. The connectivity will fly primarily on trans-Atlantic routes.” Now, if only Amtrak would get their act together and get more AC outlets installed and/or functional in their rolling stock, I might be inclined to train it more often!


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