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PotLuck, the Con

Hello happy readers,

I’m trapped in Denver Intl. at the moment, but have been assured that I’ll be heading home in a bit. I figured this would be a good time to gather my thoughts about PotLuckCon 08…

First the bad news; for one of my panels, the oh so self important prior speakers decided they could just run their mouths ad nauseum and make the next batch of attendees wait on their sorry butts. Oh well, we all know where hubris gets you in the end. Another beef was ol’ Craig tried to pack too much in too short a time. I suggest less overlap next year.

Other than that, every attendee I talked to expressed their satisfaction with the show. I got to see a bunch of old friends, met a bunch of new ones, hopefully educate some colleagues and, had at least one decent meal. All in all, a good show!

My plane’s starting to board, gotta go! TTFN


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