Radio is Dead, Long Live Radio

In keeping with our recent theme of evergreen technologies, this quick little post is concerned with the evolution of broadcast radio as industry seeks to adapt to market pressures. Back in September of last year, Clear Channel announced, “…it will offer HD digital radio broadcasts for devices supporting Apple’s implementation of a new HD digital radio tagging feature.” In the press release, John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio said, “All of our FM stations broadcasting in HD digital radio will be available on these important and unprecedented devices. With substantial gains in online and on-demand programming already under our belt, there should now be no doubt of radio’s ability to constantly evolve and embrace new technology. The iPod is not a competitor to radio – it is a collaborator in connecting with consumers on a continual basis.”  John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio.” The mechanism allows listeners to tag a song, store the metadata in their iPod, then purchase and download songs via the iTunes Music Store.

Well put, M. Anon Copywriter…On the 7th of this month, Clear Channel made good on its promise. They announced, “…a milestone in the implementation of the HD Radio iTunes tagging feature with more than 340 of its primary HD stations now capable of transferring a song heard on the radio to an Apple iPod. As the first and foremost broadcaster of iTunes tagging compatible HD stations, Clear Channel Radio is making use of its own technology to enable the purchasing and downloading of music on these stations, building on its HD industry leadership and commitment to a broad range of media platforms. ‘Radio continues to be the number one way that people discover new music, and the HD Radio iTunes tagging capability lets listeners add songs to their iPod playlists with just a push of the button,'” Hogan said.

I don’t know about you but, apart from the folks at KCRW or Dr. Bob Boilen and the gang at NPR’s All Songs, the insipid programming on the average commercial station is not a thing of beauty or inspiration. Anyway, I said I’d keep it brief and that I shall do. Just wanted to make note of this initiative as it is important to the continuation of the species, radio–wise…TTFN!

April 16, 2008…I just got word that the first crop of iTunes tagging–enabled HD radios are on their way to the CE channels. iLive’s $149 IS808B and iLuv’s $89 i168 will show up in a few months…

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