Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

What ho happy readers,

Some time this week, a lemming–like migration of metallic behemoths will assemble in Europe for a little ride over the wine–dark sea. According to an article in the April 08 edition of Television Broadcast magazine, HD OB vans are congregating on the Italian coast, where they will be aggregated for overseas transport.

The destination is China, where they have been rented for use by Beijing Olympic Broadcasting for The Games. Thirty six HD trucks and twenty support trucks will be loaded onto an oceangoing vehicle transport for approximately three weeks of sloshing about. Two additional trucks will be transported directly to Hong Kong, how I don’t know, for coverage of equestrian events. All told, more than 60 HD–capable trucks will be in service for the Games…that’s a quarter of the world’s entire complement of HD location equipment! Let’s hope da boat don’t sink…TTFN

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