Yikes, been really busy of late, sorry for the slacking post–wise…First off, a bit more on 3D video tech. Back in March, I blogged about Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. Last month, I was lucky enough to get down to San Jose for a SMPTE meeting at Sony. They had set up a pair of extra large cinema projectors for an evening of RealD demos and discussion.

Real D is an offshoot of Lenny Lipton’s work at Stereographics. Now, let me state that I cut my teeth on Lenny’s Independent Filmmaking when I was in high school working on a 16 mm documentary. Guess what, I was the sound guy…no surprise there. During my time at Sonic Solutions, the San Rafael office was only a short walk away from StereoGraphics but I never managed to drop by… Anyway, I have the max respect for Lipton’s work. However, for digital cinema, the RealD process is just plain weak. With too much inter–ocular crosstalk for my taste, it detracts from the experience by constantly reminding you that you’re watching a movie. Granted, it’s a relatively cheap approach to 3D but, sorry, no award. Nonetheless, I had a good time, munching on the proffered junk food and snarking with my buddy Smythe.

Next up, I had a trade show to deal with earlier this month, the 125th AES here at Moscone, and now that’s done with, I’ve gotten back to some semblance of normalcy. The show went very well, by all accounts, with thanks going out to Michael Romanowski and Paul Stubblebine for their significant effort and expenditures!

Lastly, been reading up more on Class D amplification. I did a Bitstream on that subject back in ’05; the column, not the blog. While researching background on a new Class D DIY amp article, John van der Sluis at Hawk Audio supplied a nice 2006 AES paper on the subject, only to find that it was co–written by Bruno Putzeys, cohort of Eelco Grimm. Small world…

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time, continue to geek.

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  1. This just in…Lenny Lipton was made a SMPTE Fellow in 2008 because, “…by proficiency and contributions, (he) attained am outstanding rank among engineers or executives in the motion picture, television, or related industries.” Lipton is also a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Technology Committee.

    See the PR:


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