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Turn Me On…

For those of you who’ve been locked in the studio with your smokin’ install of Sound Designer, I have a new gadget for you. The rest of you, move away from the computer as this could be tedious… :: OK, say you have a few peripherals, like a RAID array and a HUI, as well as some audio gear, like a small outboard desk and a converter set and an amp. Every day, you power up the gear in the specific order that best suits each piece’s function. Peripherals first, then the computer then the desk and converters, and finally the amp. Wouldn’t it be nice if some widget could do that for you? The answer is an intelligent power strip. :: Sophisticated Circuits makes the PowerKey Pro 650 for Mac OS, along with two versions of management software for the product. Six outlets are provided, with individual control of each. USB is the primary control bus, and an RJ-11 is provided for remote control via a TouchTone keypad. :: For heavy duty cross–platform applications, such as control of an entire rack o’ gear, look no further than Server Technology. These folks sell intelligent power strips with several dozen mains outlets, real–time RMS current metering, along with telnet and web management. :: Any way you slice it, more control is a good thing…there I go again with that Martha thing! (Sigh)…Aloha!


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