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Welcome to The Bitstream 3.0

Hello all…I’ve been writing about pro audio and computing for rich media since the mid eighties, when I had my first column for the long defunct dB magazine. :: Recently, my bud The Abbott and I were discussing the latest MacWorld show (SF08) and I thought about the late, great Gabe Weiner’s reports of trade shows past. Gabe’s capsules were concise, entertaining and educational. I thought I’d write up a brief on MacWorld and send to a listserve we both read. Since I haven’t had a great deal of time to write articles for trade mags of late, a frustrating but generally satisfying pursuit, I thought I’d take a look at blogs instead. :: I thought I could use the trade show as an excuse to make a first posting. One thing led to another and the result is this here weblog…from skepticism to satisfaction in two days, sort of. Won’t bore you with the details but the actual install only took a few hours, thanks to the folks at MacHighway, my ISP. Their help files got me through without too much confusion, but teasing out the details will take some time and effort. :: Anyway, there it is. Now, about that MacWorld write–up…


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