Clone Wars Redux

Hello happy reader,

Back in Jun of 2008, I blogged a bit here in the Bitstream about nouveau Mac clones. Well, the WSJ just reported that “Maker of Mac Clones Files for Bankruptcy.”

Talk about a short and sweet run. As I commented, “Well, the shite and the fan are in very close proximity…Both the Wall Street Journal, ZDnet and gray market blog The Gray Blog report that, on the 3rd of July, Apple filed suit against Psystar for “counts for violation of its shrink wrap license, trademark and copyright infringement.”…looks like the fan won. The WSJ reported that “…Psystar blamed its bankruptcy filing on the downturn in consumer spending amid the world-wide financial crisis” and, oh yeah, and that little legal action by Apple.

Oh well, it was an interesting turn of events while it lasted. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a thriving “hackbook” community out there, doing the DIY version of just what Psystar was attempting commercially. So, for fun and adventure, you too can take a nasty ol’ netbook and turn it into a perfectly usable micro-Macbook, in advance of Apples release of their own branded netbook.

That’s all for now, too much to do to fill your crazy head with new info! Until next we talk, continue to geek.

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  1. OMas here, this just in…

    Last Wednesday, Computerworld reported that “Psystar starts selling Mac clones with Snow Leopard”

    If youhead over to Psystar’s site, you’ll find that the option to install “Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6 + iLife + iWork (Will begin shipping the week of Sept. 8)” will set you back an additional $69.99. The war continues…