IDF09, A New Day

Hallo hoppy readers,

Yesterday, I attended a HP session on changes to data center design and management. There have been some interesting changes since I last looked at the problem at the Uptime Institute.

This morning, IDF started the first keynote with Deborah Conrad. She debuted a new 15 sec. TV spot, part of the same campaign that’s currently running…It was very funny, in the same geek vein as the USB rock star spot. Anyway, on to David “Dadi” Perlmutter who anchored…

Cool = The Mobile Experience

Nehelem microarchitecture goes mobile!

In the past, the Nehelem microarchitecture was used in server designs, for heavy lifting duties. Mooly Eden first discussed Core i7 (dual threaded quad core Clarksfield) with Turbo Boost goes to 3.02 GHz, plus Hyper–Threading and integrated memory manager. I mentioned Turbo yesterday…Turbo Boost means that, if less than all cores are being used, the power manager quiesces any unused cores while cranking up the voltage & clock of the ones being used. In the mobile world, it’s all about managing power an thermal envelope.

Next, they talked about the integrated security features, very important for mobile applications. Then, they did a little demo that highlights two benefits of SSDs; fast boot times, and immunity to shock and vibration.

Then, improved power management yields higher performance with equal power usage and a small thermal envelope.

On to connectivity, specifically, WiMAX. The showed a map of WiMAX networks worldwide…In a word, sparse. A live demo, with 1 Mbps upstream emphasizes the improved throughput. Trouble is, unless you live in the handful of cities that will have WiMAX service, you may have a radio in your mobile device, but nothing to connect to.I don’t see that changing anytime soon as the deployment is very costly, while the chicken or egg dilemma will hinder speculative build–outs.

Light Peak
Last item I found interesting was Light Peak, an optical I/O that integrates display, LAN and storage. Since it’s optical, it has a long reach and, it’s immune to RFI and reactance problems that can plague electrical interconnects. This could be a good thing for us rich media geeks once it escapes from the lab. Unfortunately, it’ll be yet one more local bus standard to deal with…Oy! Maybe They will harmonize HDMI and Light Peak so CE and PC vendors can share the love…don’t hold your breath.

OK, that’s all for now. I’m gonna head over to the vendor displays to lay hand upon the gear…l8r, doooode.

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