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Mea Culpa

Hallo hoppy readers,

This Bitstream post is an apology to the folks at RealD for a previous posting. Back in October of last year, I said that, “…for digital cinema, the RealD process is just plain weak. With too much inter–ocular crosstalk for my taste, it detracts from the experience by constantly reminding you that you’re watching a movie.” I based that opinion on one example and, looks like that improvised example was poorly set up. My bad…This weekend, I dropped in on a matinee of Henry Selick’s Coraline at the only local venue, the Metreon downtown. The AMC folks had a RealD stereo DLP rig and, in short, it looked good, including the several 3D trailers that proceeded the show. Except for some inexplicable motion judder at several points in the story, the 3D effect was unobtrusive and fairly convincing.

On the other hand, can’t say I was completely happy with the adaptation but, I wouldn’t let that prevent you from seeing the show. In general, it strays from the original story mostly in order to cut down on exposition and establish key plot points and devices with creative shorthand. If you liked Coraline, The Movie, I highly recommend Coraline, The Audio Book. It’s an unabridged reading by the author and just plain creepy fun for (not too) young and old alike.

As to the actual animation, it was smoother than last I remember, in James and the Giant Peach, and oh so nice to see feature–length stop action work. One thing I noticed was a modified Pixar Ball, the one Luxo Jr. plays with, which shows up in most of their early films. In this movie, the “other mice” use a red ball with a white star. Granted, except for the star, it’s not much like Pixar’s yellow ball with the blue strip and red star but, they could have chosen any decoration they wanted. Humm, I’ll have to ask Kat if I run into her. One last thing…thank you, Linda Lamontagne and Henry Selick for casting Al Swearengen, er, I mean Ian McShane as the voice of Mr. Bobinsky. Too so nice.

That’s all for today. In case you left the theatre during the credits, you missed a groovy easter egg. Hah! Everybody please to continue to geek!


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