Rise of the Clones, Pt. II

Hallo hoppy reader,

Yesterday, Psystar Corp. announced an OEM Licensing program. They’ll begin certifying other manufacturer’s hardware to allow the licensing of Psystar’s “virtualization technology.” Psystar’s methodology, specifically engineered for Snow Leopard, allows for seamless operation of the Mac OS on generic Intel Hardware and would be offered on all Psystar–Certified machines.

Once a product is certified, consumers can install “…Snow Leopard simply by inserting the retail OS X DVD.” Certified computers will enter the channel pre–loaded with their Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBL) technology, which provides a Boot Camp–like experience by detecting all OSs installed on the machine, up to six, and “…prompting the user as to which OS they would like to boot into.” Mac OS, Windows XP and Vista, and “your choice” of Linux distributions. For Mac OS, software updates are still managed by Psystar’s own Safe Update mechanism to ensure continued seamless operation.

This move signals Psytar’s position that their recent wrangling with Apple Inc. has resulted in a safe position from which they can expand their business model. Reminds me of the “cold dead hands…” position that Power Computing took during their last push to cement their position during the First Clone War…Go Miami!

That’s all for now, gotta a lunch date with TMas, Natalie and Ann at The Other Door…yummers! Until next, continue to geek!

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