Slow Movement of Clouds

Hallo hoppy readers,

This Bitstream installment is a(nother) brief example of what used to be trad apps running on a local host computer now running “in da cloud.” Check out Aviary, a cloud services company that provides raster and vector drawing tools.

They recently purchased and will be adding audio processing services to their product mix. My first response to that news was, “Why?” but, as with all things computer-related, there will come a time, 6-8 years maybe, when all non-isochronous computer processes will be available as cloud services. A pay–as–you–go, cloud version of the Adobe Creative Suite anyone? A pay–as–you–go, cloud version of Final Cut available at Why not? 

In a more distant time, all computer services could be cloud–based, whether they are time–critical or not. That would depend on end–to–end optical networks, at present only a dream in the eye of telcos and consumers.

Back to work for me though…Today I’m on–site in Taos, and the view from the studio ain’t bad at all!

One Response to “Slow Movement of Clouds”

  1. Hallo hoppy readers,

    Just heard about a local dude who puts an amusing spin on The Cloud…“Loose Bruce” Kerr, Assistant General Counsel for Sun Microsystems, sends up Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”;

    Hell, Sun championed the concept of force multiplication through networking so, this guys uniquely positioned to parody cloud computing.