Snowed by das Leopard?

Hello happy readers,

Tomorrow is zero day for Apple’s 10.6 Snow Leopard and there are still many mainstream apps out there that may malfunction with the new OS…There’s a hefty list of verboten apps among those that I use, including utilities Cocktail, CronniX and Max. The CS3 suite is in an indeterminate state and I’m sure that you’ll find significant examples of your faves are either not supported or not fully functional. Head over to the Snow Leopard Compatibility blog in the hope that your special creatures is on their list.

Just a quick note so, I’m outta here. Thanks for visiting and, until next, geek on!

One Response to “Snowed by das Leopard?”

  1. OMas here, this just in…

    Despite having “0 new features,” Snow Leopard does have lots, and lots, and lots of changes under the hood. So, you might want to take a look at Apple’s discourse on what’s broken, app–wise: