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Vegas, Baby!

Hallo hoppy reader,

A quick Bitstream post, not quite live from NAB as they were packet filtering on the show floor. In brief, all the wankers have left the building. This NAB was focused on essentials. Only those with budgets and pain points were in attendance, while tire kickers couldn’t justify the time and expense.The show was sparely attended, down over 30%, but the folks who did go were focused on problem solving, even though most everyone’s budget was already exhausted. I didn’t see anything earth shaking, though low current, a.k.a “green,” lighting instruments seemed to be have evolved considerably since last year’s show. Electronic cinematography was also slotted into standard workflows, with broad support by the usual suspects. Lastly, you couldn’t swing a virtual cat without hitting a horrible 3D display…what were those vendors thinking? By the way, decent schwag was sparse this year, which says that the anemic economy has adversely impacted my ability to deliver “kewel stuff” to my son!

 In other news, one particular vendor was blasting Pink Floyd in the Radio Hall which, in my depleted state, made me want to take chain saw to playback gear. Speaking of “Old Rockers Never Die, They Just Continue To Annoy,” Pink Floyd is the latest Classic Rock offering from Converse…“The (sic) experimented. They spaced out. They offered up a ride to be taken. Pink Floyd came from the underground and carried music into a new dimension- a place of flying pigs, wishes and walls- becoming one of the most hauntingly distinct bands of all time.” Metallica and AC/DC are next in line for the embarrassment. Oy, someone save me.

A post–NAB news brief; it was announced today that Oracle has decided to purchase Sun Microsystems. Yeow! It will be interesting to see what Oracle does with all the far flung divisions and initiative, other than Java of course, that Sun has going…Any thoughts from y’all?

I’m back from the show, time to catch up…Enjoy your day and, continue to geek!


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