To All Bitstream Fansentients

As you can tell by now, I’ve either been quite busy or incapacitated. Thank goodness, it’s the former…The past six months have been whipsawing between feast, famine, surprise and, as the TV Anne Shirley once said, the depths of despair. In terms of public verbiage, I’ve tried writing for Technorati/Blogcritics, a very strange experience coming from a print background, and I’ve tweeted a bit. It’s the latter than seems to meet my needs of late. Massaging a message into that tiny space is not only challenging, it’s fun and, it serves my need to let you all know about stuff that I think is interesting. My Twitter feed is largely of the “practical” variety; I don’t tweet to promote my clients, nor do I let the world know what I had for breakfast. That said, I did make an awe inspiring braised lamb “shoulder” the other night, it was really a neck, but I’ll leave off on that cuz this ain’t no stinking foodie blog.

Anyway, of late I’ve been quite busy and have had little to say in long form so, ye olde Bitstream has suffered from inattention. The remainder of the year looks to be even more hectic so, mea culpa and, follow me @omasciarotte on Twitter if you’re so inclined… Enjoy what’s left of the summer. I know we will!

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