RedMere to Announce Single Cable HDMI Solution for Apple Products

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RedMere, a pioneer in smart active cable technology for HDMI, will announce Monday a new, single–cable solution for mirroring the iPad 2 and iPhone 4’s display to an HDTV. The new connection products will be available to US consumers this summer through RedMere’s ecosystem of brand name marketing and technology partners.

Dublin Ireland–based RedMere has been making a name for themselves in the HDMI industry with their active cable tech. Due to the very high frequencies and multiple signals involved, standard HDMI cables are stiff, thick and relatively heavy. Nowhere is this problem more apparent than with the new crop of tablets and smart phones out on the market, where light weight and flexibility allows for effortless mobility when attached to a display or hi-fi. Highly supple and light cables also means less torque on Apple’s delicate dock connector during gaming or other activities where a tethered appliance is in motion.

RedMere’s unique solution to this problem is patented active circuitry that processes the signal delivered to the HDMI receiver to correct any deleterious effects caused by the cable. The result: an 80% reduction in the copper and plastic used for manufacture, making the enhanced cable not only thin, light weight and highly flexible but also carrying less embodied resources for a greener product.

RedMere technology enables a thin & flexible HDMI cable

RedMere technology enables a thin & flexible HDMI cable

The equalizer, embedded in the cable, runs at 6 Gigabits per HDMI channel or 18 Gb/sec. aggregate. Though it is active circuitry, the power needed to run the processor is harvested from the signaling itself so, no power source is needed. Yet, cables based on RedMere’s technology are completely compliant with the HDMI 1.4 standard.

Single–cable solutions eliminate the bulky and awkward Apple Digital AV Adapter, allowing consumers to plug HDMI directly into their Apple products. RedMere’s current brand partners include Vizio, Samsung, PNY, Monster and RadioShack, but the company has not yet revealed whether these brands or others will be selling the new single–cable offerings.

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