MidPriced DACs – Part V

Fresh off a recent presentation on computer audio for Analog Audio of MN, welcome to version five of my mid-priced DAC survey…The updated version adds several new products, so I’ve added an asterisk to those that are new to v5. Once of the new entries is RATOC Systems’


RATOC Systems’ lyrically named RAL-24192UT1 DAC


I want to again thank everyone for coming out to the session. I had fun, and I hope y’all enjoyed it as well!

Aufmerksamkeit übergeeks! Send me suggestions for new additions to the list! Until the next revision…


3 Responses to “MidPriced DACs – Part V”

  1. The Yulong D18, priced in the $700-$800 range, is a fully balanced Sabre ES9018 DAC that is getting some buzz of late.

    A couple more Audio-gds to add to the list are the SA-2 and SA-1.32, priced at $1,550 and $909, respectively. These use Audio-gd’s own diamond output stage design.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks, I’ll check all those out. Been trying to get an Audio-GD review model but, no response. Strange that they wouldn’t want some exposure…


  3. Hey Dave,

    Just added the D18 to the list…thanks!