New Behlmer Interview

Hey Sports Fans,

Some of my favorite Hollywood shows, including Braveheart, The Thin Red Line, L.A. Confidential, Shrek and the Star Trek reboot all owe some of their impact and lasting value to the talents of a mostly unsung hero of the mixing console, re–recording mixer Anna Behlmer.

Waay back in 1999, I interviewed Behlmer for Surround Professional. You can read that piece, titled Anna’s Way. Nowadays, Behlmer has garnered an astounding 10 Academy nominations for Best Sound. Recently, the folks at Dolby Labs have recorded a new interview with Behlmer as part of a collaboration between The Dolby Institute and the SoundWorks Collection.

Whether your an audio pro or a film buff, there’s something of interest in these two discussions, so drop by my Info Annex for some background material, then head over to Soundcloud and take a listen!

Thanks for listening…

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