AKA Doc Pomus

There have been quite a few finely polished glimpses into popular music lately, the most recent from PBS. Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music is a wonderful overview of pop music told in eight installments. As the press release stated:

“Produced in association with the late Sir George Martin, the series features over 150 artists, including Paul McCartney, Bonnie Raitt, RZA and many more sharing behind-the-scenes stories in a music-driven celebration of the art of recording.”

Stream it on PBS’ site, it’s well worth the time investment…Much less time is needed to absorb another rockumentary, AKA Doc Pomus, about the dude who wrote some the most memorable R&B tunes ever created. Who cares about R&B? Well, dear Elizabeth, Rhythm is the momma and Blues is the poppa of rock and roll! And we all like rock, don’t we?

AKA Doc Pomus, a wonderful & informative documentary

Released in 2012, AKA Doc Pomus chronicles the life and times of Jerome “Doc Pomus” Felder, a Jew from Brooklyn who became the first popular white R&B performer, and later went on to become a popular song writing powerhouse unparalleled until decades later. We all take “blue eyed soul” for granted nowadays, but there was a time when such schtuff was literally unheard of. Felder changed all that, and went on to collaborations with the top echelon of pop music across genres and demographics.

It’s a bit hard to find — I got a copy from an inter–library loan — but well worth the effort. As the tag line says, “You Know His Songs, Now Hear His Story”. See this movie!

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