Product Review: Dane-Elec my-Ditto NAS

This article was first published as, strangely enough,  Product Review: Dane-Elec myDitto NAS on Blogcritics… There’s a lot of noise these days around “cloud computing.” It seems like every company even vaguely related to computers has a cloud–something so, how about having your own personal cloud? Dane-Elec’s my-Ditto is a Network–Attached Storage product, a NAS, […]

Amazon CloudFront CDN Service Announced

Amazon, a pioneer in virtual storefront technology and electronic commerce services, today announced Amazon CloudFront, a web service for content delivery.

Public Beta, PDF SaaS & Green Fish

Hallo hoppy reader, This installment of the Bitstream mentions three IT items of interest to me and, hopefully, to you; a new public beta, a PDF SaaS and, green fish…lutefisk anyone?

Rooms By The Hour

Jello happy reader, In this installment of the Bitstream, I wanted to let you know about a couple of different items that have intruded into my consciousness of late, the first being a granular rental feature from Amazon, a slick new bulk content delivery method, and an AI cloud service to help artists and labels […]

Slow Movement of Clouds

Hallo hoppy readers, This Bitstream installment is a(nother) brief example of what used to be trad apps running on a local host computer now running “in da cloud.” Check out Aviary, a cloud services company that provides raster and vector drawing tools.

A Cloudy Outlook…Clarified

Hello happy reader, No, I’m not talking about the economy…I was parked at the Cloud Connect conference in Mountain View, home of the electronics industry. Since “the Cloud” was on my mind, it became the latest topic of The Bitstream.

MacWorld 09 — Additional Stuff

Hello happy reader; Here at The Bitstream, it’s time for more stuff from MacWorld 2009 that I found interesting or useful…