Rise of the Clones, Pt. II

Hallo hoppy reader, Yesterday, Psystar Corp. announced an OEM Licensing program. They’ll begin certifying other manufacturer’s hardware to allow the licensing of Psystar’s “virtualization technology.” Psystar’s methodology, specifically engineered for Snow Leopard, allows for seamless operation of the Mac OS on generic Intel Hardware and would be offered on all Psystar–Certified machines.

Clone Wars Redux

Hello happy reader, Back in Jun of 2008, I blogged a bit here in the Bitstream about nouveau Mac clones. Well, the WSJ just reported that “Maker of Mac Clones Files for Bankruptcy.”

(Almost) No bones about it

Well, the rain has departed for a time and the temperature is creeping toward the 60’s. The sea has calmed, and the sunset is peach and blueberry sherbet…Which really does not put me in a mood to add one last (promise) MacWorld installment. :: This last go round wasn’t as rich a treasure trove of schwag […]