Rocking A Long Strange Trip…

News this week about offering MQA–encoded content got me thinking about jam bands, and The Dead in particular. Now news from the NY Times about a new Dead rockumentary made me want to share it with y’all…

AKA Doc Pomus

There have been quite a few finely polished glimpses into popular music lately, the most recent from PBS. Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music is a wonderful overview of pop music told in eight installments. As the press release stated: “Produced in association with the late Sir George Martin, the series features […]

New Behlmer Interview

Hey Sports Fans, Some of my favorite Hollywood shows, including Braveheart, The Thin Red Line, L.A. Confidential, Shrek and the Star Trek reboot all owe some of their impact and lasting value to the talents of a mostly unsung hero of the mixing console, re–recording mixer Anna Behlmer.


Lest we forget that, for all our frenzied activity surrounding audio electronics, the result should be a better appreciation of music. For many of us, the very thought conjures up images of great performers belting out an aria, classic show tune or even a jazzy Dixieland piece. That said, there are many of you whose […]

Microphone Review: Blue’s Mikey 2G

Less than half the size of my iPod Touch, the Mikey 2G is an external coincident stereo microphone for most iPods. Mikey 2G is designed for musicians, cub reporters, students and anyone who needs to capture high quality audio on the spot.

Mea Culpa

Hallo hoppy readers, This Bitstream post is an apology to the folks at RealD for a previous posting. Back in October of last year, I said that, “…for digital cinema, the RealD process is just plain weak. With too much inter–ocular crosstalk for my taste, it detracts from the experience by constantly reminding you that […]

MacWorld 09 — A Particular View

Hello happy reader, This time around, I’m writing about some of the stuff I found interesting at the show; storage, IT infrastructure, tools to aid creatives, and just plain fun stuff. Here we go… First up, The Omni Group had current versions of their apps at show special prices. I use their OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle […]


Yikes, been really busy of late, sorry for the slacking post–wise…First off, a bit more on 3D video tech. Back in March, I blogged about Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. Last month, I was lucky enough to get down to San Jose for a SMPTE meeting at Sony. They had set up a pair of extra large […]

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

What ho happy readers, Some time this week, a lemming–like migration of metallic behemoths will assemble in Europe for a little ride over the wine–dark sea. According to an article in the April 08 edition of Television Broadcast magazine, HD OB vans are congregating on the Italian coast, where they will be aggregated for overseas transport. The destination is […]

Gentlemen, start your engines

Hello happy reader, Today we’re talking about engines. Not the “hemi four four two” sort but other, more modern flavors…Before I get to my main rant today, that of so called “laser TVs,” I wanted to mention tweaking another engine, Amazon’s recommendation engine…I just finished shopping for some textbooks and ended up back on the home […]

TV Is Dead, Long Live TV

Hello, happy reader…I have seen the future of TV and it is small, black and easy to use. I’m talking about DTV, an STB, and over–the–air reception. About a year from now, that free, standard def, over–the–air NTSC TV signal many of us watch, will go away, never to return. :: I feel that cable has many […]

Dr. Tongue’s Monster Chiller Horror Theatre

The program, 3D House of Cats, that was schedule for this time slot has been preempted to make room for this blog…Hello, happy reader. Today I’m discussing 3D, a technology whose time has come, and gone…countless times. Wave theory says that, when the crests or troughs of two superimposed waves happen to occur at the same instant, […]