Rise of the Clones, Pt. II

Hallo hoppy reader, Yesterday, Psystar Corp. announced an OEM Licensing program. They’ll begin certifying other manufacturer’s hardware to allow the licensing of Psystar’s “virtualization technology.” Psystar’s methodology, specifically engineered for Snow Leopard, allows for seamless operation of the Mac OS on generic Intel Hardware and would be offered on all Psystar–Certified machines.

MacWorld 09 — Additional Stuff

Hello happy reader; Here at The Bitstream, it’s time for more stuff from MacWorld 2009 that I found interesting or useful…

The (Ever?) Expanding Sun

Hello happy reader…back in March, I wrote about Sun’s acquisition of MySQL and the xAMP collection of Open Source Software that powers much of the web. Well, Sun has gone and done it again. Sort of, anyway. The actual event was announced back in February of this year, before Sun purchased MySQL. OK, I don’t […]

The Sun Expands

On the 26th of last month, Sun Microsystems announced a significant acquisition, that of  MySQL, a developer of the most commonly used open source SQL database manager. If that previous sentence is mostly gobbledygook to you, then you can either jump over to your Facebook page and preen or, read on and learn a bit about the machinery that makes the […]