Product Review: Dane-Elec my-Ditto NAS

This article was first published as, strangely enough,  Product Review: Dane-Elec myDitto NAS on Blogcritics… There’s a lot of noise these days around “cloud computing.” It seems like every company even vaguely related to computers has a cloud–something so, how about having your own personal cloud? Dane-Elec’s my-Ditto is a Network–Attached Storage product, a NAS, […]

Intel Core Family Hews To Dev Roadmap

… Intel announced the latest round of updates to their Core processor family. Arguably the most significant change to the new Intel® Core™ i7, i5 and i3 processors is the 32 nanometer fabrication process used to manufacture them.

Amazon CloudFront CDN Service Announced

Amazon, a pioneer in virtual storefront technology and electronic commerce services, today announced Amazon CloudFront, a web service for content delivery.

Live Dangerously: AIT EOL’d

Buried on Sony’s web site is the final death knell for the AIT data tape format. The declaration…specifies the format’s End of Life for the close of March 2010.

G-Tech Announces 2TB Across Entire 3.5″ Line

Rich media producers rejoice! G-Technology by Hitachi, a brand know for their well–packaged, high performance storage products, announced this week that their entire 3.5″ product line will incorporate Hitachi’s 2TB, 7,200 RPM drives.

DAT320: Zombie Format Surfaces in Frankfurt

It’s official: The DAT format isn’t dead yet. It’s still shuffling around, attempting to find a place at the backup table. Trouble is, more capacious and sweeter smelling formats have taken all the seats. This past week, Tandberg Data was previewing the latest generation of the DAT digital data format at the SNW Europe 2009 […]

New Wi-Fi Brand Emerges: Wi-Fi Direct

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry trade group for the promotion of all things Wi-Fi, announced recently that a branded version of new wireless peer–to–peer networking protocols are in the pipeline. Dubbed Wi-Fi Direct, “The Wi-Fi Alliance expects to begin certification for this new specification in mid-2010, and products which achieve the certification will be designated Wi-Fi […]

Disk Discussions

Hey sports fans! Oh, er, wrong blog… Hello happy reader, This turn of the platter brings us to some recent announcements concerning disk drives from Toshiba, WD and others plus, an interesting statistic…

Rise of the Clones, Pt. II

Hallo hoppy reader, Yesterday, Psystar Corp. announced an OEM Licensing program. They’ll begin certifying other manufacturer’s hardware to allow the licensing of Psystar’s “virtualization technology.” Psystar’s methodology, specifically engineered for Snow Leopard, allows for seamless operation of the Mac OS on generic Intel Hardware and would be offered on all Psystar–Certified machines.


Yo happy reader, Been up to my ears post–IDF but, a veritable plethora of storage–related announcements simply will not go away. So, let’s start whacking those storage moles by looking at FCoE, a new kid on the storage block.

IDF09, A New Day

Hallo hoppy readers, Yesterday, I attended a HP session on changes to data center design and management. There have been some interesting changes since I last looked at the problem at the Uptime Institute. This morning, IDF started the first keynote with Deborah Conrad. She debuted a new 15 sec. TV spot, part of the […]

IDF2009 Pt. II

Hello again happy reader, This is your afternoon installment from IDF09. Specifically, the keynote from Sean Maloney and friends. The topic: Intel Architecture Innovates And Integrates