MacWorld Expo 2011

New product discoveries at MacWorld Expo 2011 in San Francisco

eReaders…An Overview

You see, your average MID, netbook or iPhone may be portable but they aren’t designed to do one thing well. They’re general purpose, all singing, all dancing designs able to handle smooth video playback, read your e–mail, and throw up seventeen suggestions for restaurants within two blocks of your location, all in glorious color. Can most traditional books do that? No but, what a book can provide is a highly legible, usually black and white “display” that requires no power to maintain…

Grab the Tweezers

Hallo hoppy reader, This installment of the Bitstream is all about tiny…I’ve got two, two, woops, three tiny gadgets in one tiny blog. Specifically, pico projectors and gigabigga disk drives. Read on…


Hey there, happy reader… This Bitstream installment is a result of the ZigBee® Alliance’s announced development of the ZigBee Green Power feature set to establish global, standards for self–powered devices operating through energy harvesting techniques. Think symbioses: a close association, usually a mutually beneficial relationship, between two dissimilar organisms. That about sez it all for me when […]

Materialism & Ephemeralization

Hallo hoppy readers, Of late, I’ve been blathering on here at the Bitstream about virtualization as it relates to IT. As with many other things, it seems that R. Bucky Fuller got there first, coining a new term in 1922 to describe it.

Hot Wheels

Hallo hoppy reader, I’m prep’ing for an on–site at a customer’s studio and started searching for my vehicular conveyance. During that process, I was reminded of my first and only experience with an all–electric car, so this Bitstream topic is about green vehicles and how you can drive ’em even if you don’t own one.

Greenrinsing the Seneschal

Hello happy reader, This month, I have been moving through the second and third phases of certification from San Francisco’s Green Business Program. It has helped me, a fairly rabid environmentalist, to validate existing procedures and identify areas of my business where I can continue to improve current practices. Common stuff, like the use of compact fluorescents and […]

Cephalopods Unite

My better half asked me what to do about a plethora of needed wall warts so, while I was on the subject, I thought I’d mention possible solutions to y’all as well… First off, there’s the 1 foot extension cord approach: cheap, effective and ugly as sin. A quick search of Froogle for “power strip adapter […]

Maia’s Grab Bag

Hello, happy reader…I can say, with some conviction, that it’s good to get away from the ordinary. I’ve been on holiday and, in keeping with the current green–centric furor as well as the rather sudden onset of summer (we have only two seasons here), I’ve been thinking about the environment. So, I’m gonna throw several […]

Turn Me On…

For those of you who’ve been locked in the studio with your smokin’ install of Sound Designer, I have a new gadget for you. The rest of you, move away from the computer as this could be tedious… :: OK, say you have a few peripherals, like a RAID array and a HUI, as well […]