Rocking A Long Strange Trip…

News this week about offering MQA–encoded content got me thinking about jam bands, and The Dead in particular. Now news from the NY Times about a new Dead rockumentary made me want to share it with y’all…

The Trials of a Mastering Engineer

Unless we were born with the proverbial silver spoon in our mouths, we have to pay our dues during that slow, 10,000 hour march toward mastery. George Geurin, owner and chief engineer at DES Mastering in Dallas, has seen it all during his quarter century career in digital audio mastering. In a recent ’net posting, […]

AKA Doc Pomus

There have been quite a few finely polished glimpses into popular music lately, the most recent from PBS. Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music is a wonderful overview of pop music told in eight installments. As the press release stated: “Produced in association with the late Sir George Martin, the series features […]


Hallo hoppy reader, It’s Tuesday and that means I’ve taken a bat turn to the left and landed at Moscone for another Intel Developer Forum. This first installment concern’s the show’s opening keynote, from Paul Otellini and associates. Paul’ theme: A Continuum of Computing

Acoustical Anachronism

Jello happy reader, A recent posting in Gizmodo, carrying an inane headline, incited me to post. Now, I don’t expect insightful journalism either here at The Bitstream or from Gizmodo but, the piece was about a practical application of psychoacoustics and basic physics, so I decided to dive into this subject a bit as the […]

Freak Out!

Hello happy reader, Tomorrow will see the conclusion to this nerve wracking, patience trying presidential campaign and, to keep from freaking from information overload, I’m posting a brief, light note on the Hirsute One, Frank V. Zappa. Zappa, a card carrying member of the American Melting Pot, was part Sicilian, Greek-Arab and French. He typified our national urge […]

Babbage Lives, A New Beginning

Hello happy readers, OK, I think I’m caught up with my post–conference duties so I can give you a taste of the Museum of Computing’s Babbage show I was babbling about…However, before I jump into that, I wanted to give you a heads up on the new $3.3k Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin, which offers a dual capsules design. The kewel thing is that […]

Babbage is Dead, Long Live Babbage

Hello happy readers…Sorry about the posting hiatus, had to do some maintenance…Today I’m writing a tiny bit about Charles Babbage, his protégé Ada Lovelace, and the antecedents of electronic computing. To start, consider the Industrial Revolution, when everything possible was being automated. Cloth manufacturing, a lucrative process that produced high value goods from low value commodities, was an early industry […]