For the Common Good

Hello happy reader, I spend a fair amount of my time wrangling assets or, should I say, helping clients to improve their ongoing imbroglio. For those who can’t afford commercial packages, there are several open source asset management systems available. Consumers, on the other hand, have neither the expertise nor dough to hook up and run […]


Hello happy reader, As a media producer, tool vendor or, consumer of art, literature and entertainment, copyright law should be an important facet of your day to day. In fact, most businesses, regardless of product or service, are impacted by copyright law whether they recognize it or not. Here in the US, copyright law has gone the way of […]

International Domain of Mystery

Hello happy reader, OK the title of this week’s post may seem a bit obscure. However, I’ve been watching John Drake in Danger Man, the precursor to I Spy, The Prisoner, Man from UNCLE and Get Smart. Fun stuff…Anyway, today I’d like you to think a bit about the non–English speakers throughout the world and what the […]

Clone Wars

Hello happy reader, OK, I may be the last to hear about this but, I thought I’d add yet one more voice to the bellowing. Today’s topic is Psystar Corp. and their Open Computer. What they’ve done is an old concept, brought back from the grave for the current crop of x86 CPUs that ship […]