An Exercise Regime for 2018

I recently moved into a new home we purchased, and this holiday season our house is festooned not with garlands and boughs, but with boxes, moving blankets and furniture in a random location. It will take until summer for me to make some sense of my new listening room, which happens to also be our […]

RMAF 2013 – Ella Lives Pt. 3

Ciao Gentle Reader, In Parts One & Two of my RMAF 2013 report, I discussed activities at CanJam, always fun, and some of the suites that caught my fancy. This last installment continues with coverage of individual rooms that I enjoyed, starting with April Music…

RMAF 2013…Ella Lives Pt. 2

Hey Audio Fans, In Part 1 of “RMAF 2013…Ella Lives,” I discussed many of the stuff at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest’s CanJam gathering. This year, it was bigger and better than ever, with some amazing high end headphones, and some budget ones that kick serious butt. In this, the second part of my RMAF […]

RMAF 2013…Ella Lives Pt. 1

Hello gentle reader, The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest happened earlier this month…This year, I decided to take a different tack than in year’s past. At previous Rock Mountain shows, I’d rush around, attempting to “take in” the whole show. Then I’d rush to crank out coverage. Bah, I say! This year, I moseyed along the […]

TS&G Hardbound Arrives • Part One

…took a heckofalot o’ time, almost a month. I’m more than happy to report that the hardbound version of  To Serve & Groove: A Comprehensive Compendium of Numerically Disposed Mellifluous Servitude is out and in the wild. About 200 pages, a perfectbound A5 (148 x 210 mm or 5.8 x 8.3″). Color cover, black and […]

To Tune or Not to Tune

Just when we thought it was safe to surf our new digital televisions (DTVs), another, more subtle wave is washing over the shores of consumer electronics (CE). That wave is the new ATSC M/H mobile/handheld standard, dubbed A/153 by propellor heads…


Hey there, happy reader… This Bitstream installment is a result of the ZigBee® Alliance’s announced development of the ZigBee Green Power feature set to establish global, standards for self–powered devices operating through energy harvesting techniques. Think symbioses: a close association, usually a mutually beneficial relationship, between two dissimilar organisms. That about sez it all for me when […]

Tech o’ the Week

Hello happy reader, A couple of interesting bits about new consumer electronics crossed my desk this week.

Buzz Kill

Hello happy reader, The autumnal equinox is fast approaching, that biannual event when day and night are of equal duration. From there, the days shorten and we slip into winter…I wish I were more excited about the upcoming fall but, alas, here in NoCal, fall looks a lot like, nay, is indistinguishable from most of […]

Radio is Dead, Long Live Radio

In keeping with our recent theme of evergreen technologies, this quick little post is concerned with the evolution of broadcast radio as industry seeks to adapt to market pressures. Back in September of last year, Clear Channel announced, “…it will offer HD digital radio broadcasts for devices supporting Apple’s implementation of a new HD digital […]

Ever Larger Acronyms

Hello, happy reader…For this entry, I’d like to veer ‘round to audio again for a time. Specifically, MPEG, audio and lossless coding. The Fraunhofer page for HD-AAC mentions that, “Lossless audio coding schemes offer audio data compression, with the decoded audio data being bit by bit identical to the original audio data.” You should already be familiar with […]

Dr. Tongue’s Monster Chiller Horror Theatre

The program, 3D House of Cats, that was schedule for this time slot has been preempted to make room for this blog…Hello, happy reader. Today I’m discussing 3D, a technology whose time has come, and gone…countless times. Wave theory says that, when the crests or troughs of two superimposed waves happen to occur at the same instant, […]