MacWorld Expo 2011

New product discoveries at MacWorld Expo 2011 in San Francisco

IDF09, A New Day

Hallo hoppy readers, Yesterday, I attended a HP session on changes to data center design and management. There have been some interesting changes since I last looked at the problem at the Uptime Institute. This morning, IDF started the first keynote with Deborah Conrad. She debuted a new 15 sec. TV spot, part of the […]

IDF2009 Pt. II

Hello again happy reader, This is your afternoon installment from IDF09. Specifically, the keynote from Sean Maloney and friends. The topic: Intel Architecture Innovates And Integrates


Hallo hoppy reader, It’s Tuesday and that means I’ve taken a bat turn to the left and landed at Moscone for another Intel Developer Forum. This first installment concern’s the show’s opening keynote, from Paul Otellini and associates. Paul’ theme: A Continuum of Computing

Vegas, Baby!

Hallo hoppy reader, A quick Bitstream post, not quite live from NAB as they were packet filtering on the show floor. In brief, all the wankers have left the building. This NAB was focused on essentials. Only those with budgets and pain points were in attendance, while tire kickers couldn’t justify the time and expense.

Web 2.0 SF09

Hallo hoppy reader, Once again, it’s Thursday and I’m at the Web 2.0 show listening to keynotes.

MacWorld 09 — Additional Stuff

Hello happy reader; Here at The Bitstream, it’s time for more stuff from MacWorld 2009 that I found interesting or useful…

MacWorld 09 — A Particular View

Hello happy reader, This time around, I’m writing about some of the stuff I found interesting at the show; storage, IT infrastructure, tools to aid creatives, and just plain fun stuff. Here we go… First up, The Omni Group had current versions of their apps at show special prices. I use their OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle […]

MacWorld SF Pass Time

Hello happy reader, Just a quick reminder to head over to the MacWorld expo site if you want a free pass to the show here at Moscone. They only give you a few weeks to get a free pass, then the US$25 price kicks in…If you’ll be in town for the show, lemme know, we […]

IDF 08 Pt. 2

Hello happy reader, Well, after that nondescript lunch thang, a turkey sammy, cardboard–tainted sweet and pasta salad, I headed over to meet w/the PCI folks. I sat down with Al Yanes, president and chair of the 918 member PCI-SIG, who met w/me to discuss v3 of PCIe, the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express bus. Here’s what I came away with… The spec […]

IDF 08

Hello happy reader, I’m currently at the Intel Developer Forum…Here’s my notes so far: ▼ Opening Forum Keynote — Intel Chairman Craig Barrett • Intro’d with thoughts on making good things happen by leveraging tech. • Stressed the lack of political will in the US to fund education ▼ The first segment  featured a Wii remote hacker, Johnny […]

LinuxWorld & NGDC

Hello happy reader, Another week, another trade show. This time it was LinuxWorld and Next Gen Data Center: it’s two, two, two shows in one…Nothing earth shaking but, I did finally get to put my paws on Bug Labs’ BUG. For the electro-geek, it’s a really exceptional tinker toy. Can’t say, however, that it will […]