Ah, Which Bus Should I Take?

Hallo hoppy reader, Several times this month, I’ve been asked about USB, FireWire and which is “better” for audio. Because of the recent jive about Apple “dropping” FireWire to control costs on some of their consumer products, I cannah take it any longer and this Bitstream installment is a response.

Miscellaneous Magic

Hello happy reader, This installment of The Bitstream simply aggregates a few news pieces that came across my desk, and makes a brain dead simple prediction about the future of computing. OK, let’s dive in…


Yikes, been really busy of late, sorry for the slacking post–wise…First off, a bit more on 3D video tech. Back in March, I blogged about Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. Last month, I was lucky enough to get down to San Jose for a SMPTE meeting at Sony. They had set up a pair of extra large […]