The Trials of a Mastering Engineer

Unless we were born with the proverbial silver spoon in our mouths, we have to pay our dues during that slow, 10,000 hour march toward mastery. George Geurin, owner and chief engineer at DES Mastering in Dallas, has seen it all during his quarter century career in digital audio mastering. In a recent ’net posting, […]

Self–Censorship, or the Art of Saying “No, Thanks.”

As an equipment reviewer, a fair amount of new gear comes across my desk. If you’ve ever seen my office, you wouldn’t be surprised at the resulting clutter. I request equipment based on either my limited experience with the product at a trade show, or via a positive recommendation by someone I trust. Unfortunately, like […]

New Behlmer Interview

Hey Sports Fans, Some of my favorite Hollywood shows, including Braveheart, The Thin Red Line, L.A. Confidential, Shrek and the Star Trek reboot all owe some of their impact and lasting value to the talents of a mostly unsung hero of the mixing console, re–recording mixer Anna Behlmer.

“High Resolution Audio,” Quality & Critical Listening

Hello Happy Reader, Though I’m “out of the office” for the holidays, I’m still dutifully cleaning my e–mail accounts so I won’t be swamped after New Year’s. As the owner of a standard yellow PonoPlayer, I was catching up on comments over at PonoMusic, and one in particular caught my attention, a note from Allen […]

New Book Due – To Serve & Groove

Hello dear reader, In case you’ve been wondering why the tumbleweeds have been tumblin’ here at The Bitstream, read on…

Ah, Which Bus Should I Take?

Hallo hoppy reader, Several times this month, I’ve been asked about USB, FireWire and which is “better” for audio. Because of the recent jive about Apple “dropping” FireWire to control costs on some of their consumer products, I cannah take it any longer and this Bitstream installment is a response.

Fletcher Rings the Bell

Hallo hoppy Reader, Just a quick installment of the Bitstream regarding the perception of loudness and the origins of the Equal–loudness curves…

MacWorld 09 — A Particular View

Hello happy reader, This time around, I’m writing about some of the stuff I found interesting at the show; storage, IT infrastructure, tools to aid creatives, and just plain fun stuff. Here we go… First up, The Omni Group had current versions of their apps at show special prices. I use their OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle […]

PotLuck, the Con

Hello happy readers, I’m trapped in Denver Intl. at the moment, but have been assured that I’ll be heading home in a bit. I figured this would be a good time to gather my thoughts about PotLuckCon 08… First the bad news; for one of my panels, the oh so self important prior speakers decided […]

Ever Larger Acronyms

Hello, happy reader…For this entry, I’d like to veer ‘round to audio again for a time. Specifically, MPEG, audio and lossless coding. The Fraunhofer page for HD-AAC mentions that, “Lossless audio coding schemes offer audio data compression, with the decoded audio data being bit by bit identical to the original audio data.” You should already be familiar with […]