eReaders…An Overview

You see, your average MID, netbook or iPhone may be portable but they aren’t designed to do one thing well. They’re general purpose, all singing, all dancing designs able to handle smooth video playback, read your e–mail, and throw up seventeen suggestions for restaurants within two blocks of your location, all in glorious color. Can most traditional books do that? No but, what a book can provide is a highly legible, usually black and white “display” that requires no power to maintain…

Blue Light CES Special

Hallo hoppy reader, Quick thang: For those of us heading to Sin City for all gadgets, all the time, Jet Blue’s having a promo in conjunction with the Consumer Electronic Show. For travel to Las Vegas on Jan. 4th to the 7th and return flights Jan. 10th to the 13th, use the promo code “2010CES” […]

Santa Baby

Hello happy reader, Usually I stick to more buttoned down subjects but today, at the tail of the conspicuous consumption cycle and cusp of the new year, I wanted to let you know about an interesting gadget that will debut at the upcoming CES… South Korea’s LG Electronics Monday unveiled what it described as the world’s […]