MidPriced DACs — Part VII

Hello Digiphiles, There seems to never be enough midpriced DACs out there for your dancing and dining pleasure. I’m up to 89 now! An example of one of the new entries is the DSD-capable ARK MX+ DAC from AURALiC. In related news, the 13th edition of Hifi Zine is out, and I have a piece […]

MidPriced DACs – Part Trois

Hey folks, As I dredge up more DACs for your comparison pleasure, I add ’em to the table. The updated version adds the current version of the Music Hall dac25, an easily upgradable DAC that takes kindly to better voltage regulators and op amps… Enjoy! OMas

MidPriced DAC Survey — Part Deux

Hey folks, Around Black Friday, I put together a survey of some mid–priced DACs to use with your computer and hi–fi system. Since the original posting, I’ve found a few more to add so, instead of updating the original post, I’m going to continue to update the stand-alone table; one chart to rule them all! Take […]

Happy HoliDACs!

This blog entry was first published as Happy HoliDACs on Blogcritics… It’s Black Friday and, at least in my neighborhood, it should be White Friday. It started snowing late yesterday afternoon and, by this morning, we had a nice white covering. This weekend, it’s your duty as a conspicuous consumer to go out there and do your […]