Babbage Lives, A New Beginning

Hello happy readers, OK, I think I’m caught up with my post–conference duties so I can give you a taste of the Museum of Computing’s Babbage show I was babbling about…However, before I jump into that, I wanted to give you a heads up on the new $3.3k Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin, which offers a dual capsules design. The kewel thing is that […]

NOLA, Here We Come

Hello happy readers, I’m up to my ears in prep for a trip to Craig’s audio geek love fest, Pot Luck, the conference formerly known as Tape Op. This here posting is really for the sake of Technorati’s server so it grabs this here link: Technorati Profile…thank you, oh diligent server. Just to let you know, […]

Babbage is Dead, Long Live Babbage

Hello happy readers…Sorry about the posting hiatus, had to do some maintenance…Today I’m writing a tiny bit about Charles Babbage, his protégé Ada Lovelace, and the antecedents of electronic computing. To start, consider the Industrial Revolution, when everything possible was being automated. Cloth manufacturing, a lucrative process that produced high value goods from low value commodities, was an early industry […]