RMAF 2013…Ella Lives Pt. 2

Hey Audio Fans, In Part 1 of “RMAF 2013…Ella Lives,” I discussed many of the stuff at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest’s CanJam gathering. This year, it was bigger and better than ever, with some amazing high end headphones, and some budget ones that kick serious butt. In this, the second part of my RMAF […]

RMAF 2013…Ella Lives Pt. 1

Hello gentle reader, The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest happened earlier this month…This year, I decided to take a different tack than in year’s past. At previous Rock Mountain shows, I’d rush around, attempting to “take in” the whole show. Then I’d rush to crank out coverage. Bah, I say! This year, I moseyed along the […]

Earphone Review: Sennheiser’s IE7 & Klipsch’s X10i

For this review, I’ve chosen as earphone examples two moderately priced but very hi–fi products from companies with very differing views of what’s “right.” In the German corner, we have Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of audio gear since 1946. In the American corner, we have Klipsch Group, a loudspeaker manufacturer also since 1946. Each firm is quintessentially true to their home country and their products reflect that background.