“High Resolution Audio,” Quality & Critical Listening

Hello Happy Reader, Though I’m “out of the office” for the holidays, I’m still dutifully cleaning my e–mail accounts so I won’t be swamped after New Year’s. As the owner of a standard yellow PonoPlayer, I was catching up on comments over at PonoMusic, and one in particular caught my attention, a note from Allen […]

Micromega MyDAC

Hi kidz, The good folks at Audio Plus Services, the North American representative for  Micromega, have lent me their new almost entry level DAC. I say “almost” as it’s not spendy enough to make it into my DAC survey, but yet inexpensive enough (US$370 on Froogle) to compete with all but the bottom feeder products […]

MidPriced DACs — Part VII

Hello Digiphiles, There seems to never be enough midpriced DACs out there for your dancing and dining pleasure. I’m up to 89 now! An example of one of the new entries is the DSD-capable ARK MX+ DAC from AURALiC. In related news, the 13th edition of Hifi Zine is out, and I have a piece […]

Paging Mr. Schroeder

Mr. Manfred Schroeder, you are wanted at the psychoacoustics desk…I was rummaging through old papers in prep for my annual taxing visit, when I can upon an old receipt. It was from Sound Concepts, a now defunct hifi company in Brookline Massachusetts. The item, purchased back on 09/22/81, was a low cost “schroderizer.” What the heck is a schroderizer? […]