Intel Core Family Hews To Dev Roadmap

… Intel announced the latest round of updates to their Core processor family. Arguably the most significant change to the new Intel® Core™ i7, i5 and i3 processors is the 32 nanometer fabrication process used to manufacture them.


Hallo hoppy reader, It’s Tuesday and that means I’ve taken a bat turn to the left and landed at Moscone for another Intel Developer Forum. This first installment concern’s the show’s opening keynote, from Paul Otellini and associates. Paul’ theme: A Continuum of Computing

IDF 08

Hello happy reader, I’m currently at the Intel Developer Forum…Here’s my notes so far: ▼ Opening Forum Keynote — Intel Chairman Craig Barrett • Intro’d with thoughts on making good things happen by leveraging tech. • Stressed the lack of political will in the US to fund education ▼ The first segment  featured a Wii remote hacker, Johnny […]