Where did I put my blinders II? The Final Conclusion

Hello happy reader, When we last left our hero, he was ranting about the need for interoperability in the world of IT. This installment of the Bitstream concludes the discussion so I can clear the decks for some Zigbee news…

Where did I put my blinders?

Hallo hoppy reader, Today is Father’s Day and, since it’s “my” day, I can do what I please. So, I’m gonna rant, specifically about the “I” word, interoperability. In our modern IT–centric world of business, I am amazed when I encounter companies that don’t realize the costs of siding with proprietary systems by choice. This […]

Ah, Which Bus Should I Take?

Hallo hoppy reader, Several times this month, I’ve been asked about USB, FireWire and which is “better” for audio. Because of the recent jive about Apple “dropping” FireWire to control costs on some of their consumer products, I cannah take it any longer and this Bitstream installment is a response.