Product Review: Tetrax Handheld Electronics Mounting System

This article was first published as Hardware Review: Tetrax Handheld Electronics Mounting System on Blogcritics… When you think of industrial design, Italy and a sleek modern aesthetic often comes to mind. Walmec S.p.A., in the Sarano suburb of Conegliano, is better known for their spray gun technology than mobile platform widgets. That hasn’t stopped then […]

MacWorld 09 — Additional Stuff

Hello happy reader; Here at The Bitstream, it’s time for more stuff from MacWorld 2009 that I found interesting or useful…

Cephalopods Unite

My better half asked me what to do about a plethora of needed wall warts so, while I was on the subject, I thought I’d mention possible solutions to y’all as well… First off, there’s the 1 foot extension cord approach: cheap, effective and ugly as sin. A quick search of Froogle for “power strip adapter […]

Pod Peopling the Friendly Skies

Hello happy readers, I just came across some PR regarding United Airlines, claiming to be the “first U.S. carrier to offer iPod & iPhone connectivity.” Though we don’t need to any additional evidence to support the claim that the iPod has changed the way content is created and consumed, I was glad to see my fave […]

Radio is Dead, Long Live Radio

In keeping with our recent theme of evergreen technologies, this quick little post is concerned with the evolution of broadcast radio as industry seeks to adapt to market pressures. Back in September of last year, Clear Channel announced, “…it will offer HD digital radio broadcasts for devices supporting Apple’s implementation of a new HD digital […]

MacWorld SF08 — Pt. 2

Last installment, I went overboard with backup solutions so this time, I’ll start off with, dare I say it?…audio! Yup, this show had more audio stuff, from pearls to swine, than any show I’ve attended. In playback gear alone, there was: the high end – Etymotic and Ultimate Ears the low end – Chinese OEM manufacturers of iPod […]