Product Review: Dane-Elec my-Ditto NAS

This article was first published as, strangely enough,  Product Review: Dane-Elec myDitto NAS on Blogcritics… There’s a lot of noise these days around “cloud computing.” It seems like every company even vaguely related to computers has a cloud–something so, how about having your own personal cloud? Dane-Elec’s my-Ditto is a Network–Attached Storage product, a NAS, […]

Radio is Dead, Long Live Radio

In keeping with our recent theme of evergreen technologies, this quick little post is concerned with the evolution of broadcast radio as industry seeks to adapt to market pressures. Back in September of last year, Clear Channel announced, “…it will offer HD digital radio broadcasts for devices supporting Apple’s implementation of a new HD digital […]

Put Another Nickel In

Well, fellow Americans, it’s Super Tuesday. Here in California, I’m waiting to see what effect my visit to the Log Cabin, my local poling place, will have on our nation’s future. The polls closed less than an hour ago and, from the look of it, it will be an interesting election. On to today’s topic… :: Several […]