HR Playback Host

On Dec 8, 2012, Marco, one of my TS&G readers in Italy, wrote me with the following: “Hello! I’m reading your book today, and It’s very easy to read, complete and interesting. Next year, I’ll be buying an iMac and I’m undecided which of the following configurations to go with: Configuration 1 – iMac 21,5″ […]


Yo happy reader, Been up to my ears post–IDF but, a veritable plethora of storage–related announcements simply will not go away. So, let’s start whacking those storage moles by looking at FCoE, a new kid on the storage block.

Ever Larger Acronyms

Hello, happy reader…For this entry, I’d like to veer ‘round to audio again for a time. Specifically, MPEG, audio and lossless coding. The Fraunhofer page for HD-AAC mentions that, “Lossless audio coding schemes offer audio data compression, with the decoded audio data being bit by bit identical to the original audio data.” You should already be familiar with […]