Snowed by das Leopard?

Hello happy readers, Tomorrow is zero day for Apple’s 10.6 Snow Leopard and there are still many mainstream apps out there that may malfunction with the new OS…

Lock ’Em Down

Hallo hoppy reader, I was slogging through yet another white paper, someone else’s about HDDs to be precise, and something mentioned got me thinking about security. So this month’s Bitstream is about a secure OS, specifically Mac OS. Despite the Mac’s reputation for safety and security, the truth is somewhat off that center, though Snow […]

Clone Wars Redux

Hello happy reader, Back in Jun of 2008, I blogged a bit here in the Bitstream about nouveau Mac clones. Well, the WSJ just reported that “Maker of Mac Clones Files for Bankruptcy.”

Clone Wars

Hello happy reader, OK, I may be the last to hear about this but, I thought I’d add yet one more voice to the bellowing. Today’s topic is Psystar Corp. and their Open Computer. What they’ve done is an old concept, brought back from the grave for the current crop of x86 CPUs that ship […]

MacWorld SF08 — Pt. 1

Well, the rain has abated for a bit so, it was “safe” to head out of the house today for a walk. Oooh, scary kids. OK, on to the show… :: Let’s start with the sexy stuff, that way you can bail when I get around to the stuff only a geek could love. That […]